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The recipe of the month

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Every month, discover a recipe from one of our chefs or a dish based on the crops grown in the Grand Ried.






 Ingredient’s serves 8

- 2 Kg sauerkraut

- 8 Strasbourg sausages

- 2 knuckles of ham

- 8 black puddings

- 1 Kg salted ribs or ½ smoked shoulder

- 8 juniper berries

- 500 g smoked ham

- pepper, salt, bay leaf

- 500 g salted ham

- 3 cloves

-250 g withe sausage

- 2 onions

-8 liver dumplings

-3 cloves of garlic

-1/2 l Sylvaner or Riesling wine, ¼ l water

- 150g goose fat or lard

Preparation and Baking : 2 hours


Rinse sauerkraut in hot and then in cold water. Drain and set aside

In a large pan with a thick bottom, brown the onions and crushes garlic in the goose fat or lard.

Add the wine and water, then add the knuckles and ribs and the smoked and salted ham.

Sprinkle sauerkraut on the top of salt, pepper and spices.

Cover and simmer on medium heat for an hour ½

Fry white sausages and black puddings on a low heat in a frying pan

Heat up Strasbourg sausages and liver dumplings in a pan of hot water

Serve with boiled potatoes