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The recipe of the month

The Tourist Offices showcase their chefs

Every month, discover a recipe from one of our chefs or a dish based on the crops grown in the Grand Ried.




 Ingredients :

-          1 bread raised dough (200g)

-          20g almonds

-          125g dried figs

-          50g nuts

-          125g dried plums

-          Grated lemon zeste

-          125g dried pears

-          5g powder cinnamon

-          50g Malaga grapes

-          A bit of grated nutmeg

-          50g Corinthe grapes

-          3 tablespoons of Kirsch

-          20g hazelnuts


 Directions :

Cut the dried fruits into small strips. Wash the dried grapes. Roughly mince the hazelnuts, the almonds and the nuts. Baste everything with Kirsch and mix with the dough. Shape the dough into a long and oval bread. Wet the surface after 10 minutes in the oven, then let cook for 10 more minutes.