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30/07/2015 14:59

21 °
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mostly cloudy (day)
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Le Grand Ried

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Welcome in the Grand Ried !

The Grand Ried in Central Alsace has an exceptionally rich natural heritage. Located between Strasbourg and Colmar, bordered by the Ill and Rhine rivers, the Grand Ried is surrounded by major Alsatian tourist attractions. But the Grand Ried has plenty of fascinating features, and is sure to surprise you.
As a couple, as a family, or with friends, by bike, in a rowboat or a canoe, come and experience nature for yourself, in Alsace. The region is ideal for nature tourism and discovery.
The Tourist Office of the Grand Ried offer you many activities based on the region’s natural heritage. And other great discoveries await you as well: local specialities, culture, unusual tours... let multifaceted Alsace surprise you!

Did you say Ried?

The term “Ried” comes from the Alemannic German “Rieth”, which means rush (reed). “Ried” applies by extension to the landscapes: flood plains and lush forests.
This region is criss-crossed by a thousand small rivers, and the groundwater table rises to the surface in clear springs called “Giessens” (phreatic springs), which create “brunnwasser” (phreatic rivers).

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